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This is a bunch of miscellaneous links to audio sites and circuits all over the world. Inclusion of a link does not mean that I agree with the idea (some of them are rubbish!), nor do I have any affiliation with the site. I have not been able to maintain constant contact (to ensure that the link is still alive), but most should be Ok - if not, please let me know.

I have no detailed information on any of the circuits, other than what is available from the original site, so please don't expect me to answer questions. If you have problems with a circuit on any of these sites, contact the site owner - not me.

Do they work? I cannot vouch for any of them - some look good, while others are a re-hash of old (sometimes outmoded) ideas. They are presented for their informational content only.

ESP's Links Policy
I may from time to time use links obtained from other sites (unless they request that this not be done), and therefore cannot (and will not) try to stop anyone else from doing the same with mine - in fact I encourage this, and only ask that my home page is included along with the links. I will always try do the same, so that everyone ultimately benefits. If you happen to recognise links that look like yours and there is no acknowledgment, then I slipped up - PLEASE let me know, and I will correct the oversight or remove the offending section if you prefer.

Please see the acknowledgment(s) at the end of this page.

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    I cannot tell a lie - some of the above was filched (i.e. stolen, purloined, thieved, etc) from Tomi Engdahl's Electronics Pages. Those parts so filched are Copyright (c) 1998 Tomi Engdahl, and have been re-arranged and edited (see ESP's Links Policy). Visit Tomi's original at:


    This lad has gone to some serious trouble to put this together, and I encourage you to visit his site.


    Last Update - 09 Oct 2003-removed dead links.