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Paymate is a secure, accurate and reliable Internet payment service available to individuals, businesses and other organisations.
How does Paymate work?
Once you sign up for Paymate, you can send money to anyone with an email address and Paymate will deduct the money from your bank account or charge your credit card.

Is Paymate available for International use?
Paymate is available to buyers in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany. Non-Australian resident users are able to send money to Australian sellers using their credit cards.

How secure are Paymate Transactions?
Paymate is committed to utilising the best commercially available technology and procedures to protect the security of your online transactions. All communications use 128 bit SSL encryption.

How do I Pay Using Paymate?
All Paymate prices use Australian dollars. Simply go to the Paymate site and register. When you make your payment, make sure that you use the correct price (Australian dollars only - GST must be included for Australian orders, and postage must be included for Australian and overseas orders).

It is important that the proper amount is transferred, or your order will be delayed. An order form is not required when using Paymate, but make sure you include a note to indicate the boards you need, and your full name and address.
When you order using Paymate, I don't need an order form. Just fill in the notes section in the Paymate "Send Money" page to include the following information ...

Your name and address (if different from that shown in the Paymate info)
The list of boards you wish to purchase (with prices)
The total amount for the boards (you will have to add this up yourself, sorry :-)
Post and Handling charge as shown in the price list
Send the Paymate payment to Contact

Needless to say, the total does need to be correct, and must agree with the amount being sent (including GST for Australian orders and/or postage and handling for overseas orders).