Elliott Sound Products

This is a legal and binding agreement between the purchaser and Rod Elliott, trading as Elliott Sound Products (hereinafter referred to as ESP).

You agree to keep the login information confidential, as this is a service for those who have bought boards, and is not intended for the general public. Should the login information become public knowledge, ESP will change the user name and password immediately, and you will have to re-apply.

Because of the very nature of the goods supplied by ESP, it is necessary to add these terms and conditions, and your purchase indicates your acceptance of these terms unconditionally.

You agree and understand that the PCBs supplied to you and the information for the construction of any project (whether obtained from the secure site or CD-ROM), are fully covered by international copyright laws, and you will not ...

a) Reproduce additional PCBs from one (or more) that are supplied to you by any means whatsoever, including (but not limited to) photographic reproduction, tracing the existing layout by hand or by mechanical or electromechanical means, chemical or photo-chemical reproduction techniques, computer graphics manipulation software or photographic reproduction. This applies even if the PCBs are for your own personal use.

b) Provide constructional information or anything else from the secure section (including the username and password you have been given) to any third party without the express written permission of ESP.

c) Use the PCBs, construction material, or any other material as may be supplied on the secure site or the CD-ROM, for commercial gain at the expense of ESP's proprietary rights. This includes (but is not limited to) manufacture for re-sale, the sale or exchange of proprietary material for money or goods of any kind, reproduction of proprietary material in any printed medium, web site or other publicly accessible format.
You agree that certain material that may be accessed from the secure site or the CD-ROM remains the intellectual property of ESP. Some information is available only on the secure site, and you shall not attempt to deprive ESP of just reward for the design, development and publication of such materials by reverse engineering project information by any means. You agree that if other project information is made available to you, that you will not use this information to avoid the purchase of the PCB for that project by making or fabricating PCBs yourself based on the information so obtained (see (a) above).

Agreements may be entered into by you (the purchaser) and ESP for commercial applications, and these shall be binding on both parties as originally agreed to the extent documented in the individual agreement.

If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then you must not make a purchase. Your purchase is your agreement with all terms described above, and constitutes a legally binding contract between yourself and ESP. Your failure to read these conditions constitutes an implicit acceptance of the terms, and is not an acceptable defence for violation of any part of this agreement.