Elliott Sound Products

There are several purchase options, so choose the one that suits you the best. Payment is accepted using PayPal and credit cards (Visa or Mastercard only). Order forms are not required if you use PayPal - they are only for credit card purchases.

The encrypted order form is now well established. It is barely larger than the HTML form, and is supplied in a zipped archive. Download a copy of the form, and just fill in the details (including credit card information). Click on [Save] and the form generates an encrypted file which may be e-mailed - since I have the only copy of the decryption software, theft of your card details is extremely unlikely (Sorry, Windows PC format only).

As a bonus, the prices and final cost are all filled in for you - all you need to do is enter the order codes as shown in the catalogue pages (or preferably just double-click in the project number box to see a pop-up selection).


The order form is available as a zipped archive. Right-Click HERE and select 'Save Link Target As ...' to save the form. Make sure that you read the README file - this explains what to do if you get an error loading the form, or can't see all the buttons along the bottom.

When paying by PayPal, all you need to do is work out the full cost of the order in US Dollars. Remember to add post and handling charges, which are in addition to insurance (if requested) - this is a common mistake.


Use the PayPal "Send Money" option, complete the details of your order in the optional notes section, and send to the normal ESP e-mail address as shown in the Contact page.

Faxed orders may use the HTML order form or may simply be typed on a piece of paper and faxed. Make sure that all details are legible, and remember that fax machines do not have high resolution, so details are easily lost in transmission. The form is quite secure - no data is sent from or by the form. It is intended as a convenience only.

Please send me an e-mail after faxing an order, including your name and address. Sometimes, faxes arrive that are illegible, so I can't even e-mail you to let you know that it didn't work. By including your address, I can eliminate problems with difficult to read address - some overseas addresses are especially hard, because they are not in English.

Direct Deposit
Payment may also be made by direct deposit within Australia only. Once you know what you need, e-mail ESP for the details of the account number and other information needed.

All orders will be shipped as soon as possible (typically within 2 business days) after receipt of order, subject to availability of boards.

I am unable to make any guarantees as to the time it will take to get through the various postal and customs services after dispatch, so if your country has strict customs regulations it may take a little longer than normal before you receive your boards.

On-line purchase is not available at this time.  When sending your card details, make sure that your details are entered on the HTML order form for fax or the Encrypted Form for e-mail. Do not send credit card details in plain text in an e-mail.