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Post and handling charges apply for all international orders. If you choose to add insurance, then this is in addition to the normal P+H charge. Most international orders are sent as 'Large Letter' (Australia Post classification) and will not have a customs form attached. Exceptions are insured articles, or packages that are too big to be classed as a large letter. If there are any peculiar customs requirements where you live, please advise me when you place your order. Be aware that I may (or may not) be able to do anything about it.

Any customs duty or taxes that may be applicable in your country are your responsibility, and while every effort is made to ensure that the customs declaration (where used) describes the goods accurately, please be aware that your customs people might not agree with the description.

When ordering, do not use the US$ price shown unless you are paying with PayPal. If you do, I have to convert the price shown and you will be charged in Australian currency, and your card provider will bill you at the current exchange rate.

Payment by international money order or foreign bank cheque (or "cashier's check") is not available except by prior arrangement and in exceptional circumstances. The cost (and time) of having foreign funds exchanged is such that it is usually not worthwhile - I will actually end up losing money on the deal because of the time and paperwork involved.

In general, credit card, PayPal or Paymate (if available in your country) is the fastest and best method for payment. Direct bank deposit may not be used for international orders, it is only available for Australian purchasers when drawn against an Australian bank.

Remember that you always use Australian currency unless paying with PayPal. In some cases, cash (in Australian dollars only) may be used and posted to my PO Box (see below). Make sure that it cannot be seen through the envelope! The smallest note we use is AU$5.00 so add some pins or Kapton to get as close as you can to a total value that makes sense - don't forget to include post and handling.

Currency Conversion
There are many web based currency converters available - my recommendation is XE Currency Converter. I have no affiliation with the site, the link is provided here for your convenience only.

Posting or Faxing Order Forms
If you elect to post the order form, send it to ...

Elliott Sound Products
PO Box 233
Thornleigh NSW 2120

Printed order forms can be sent by fax to a secure machine.  The number is ...


US Customers please note that +612 refers to the country and area code, and is not a US domestic area code.

Please, please, please - make sure that you send me an e-mail after faxing an order. Include your full name and address to ensure that I don't make a mistake trying to read it from the form (often very difficult). Also, do not use fax to ask questions - use e-mail. Faxed questions will a) annoy the hell out of me, and b) probably remain unanswered.