Elliott Sound Products

Starting from 1st July 2005, every time you purchase from ESP, you will earn 'loyalty points', at the rate of 1 point for each dollar (Australian) that you spend - excluding delivery or statutory charges, such as pack+post, insurance or GST (the latter for Australian customers only).

Once you get to 200 points, you will receive a Discount Voucher (however, see second bullet-point below), entitling you to a discount of AU$10.00 on your next order. Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue. There is no limit to the time taken to accumulate points, so even if you normally only make a purchase every couple of years, every purchase will earn points.

To redeem a Discount Voucher, all you need to do is send the voucher number with your order. The numbers are unique, and in all cases consist of two uppercase characters, followed by six digits. An image of a Discount Voucher is shown below. If you pay using PayPal, you must contact me first (quoting your voucher number) so I can send you the total price. You cannot redeem a voucher using the PayPal cart!


There are few restrictions on the use of the vouchers. The main points are shown below ...

To all customers present and future, ESP values your custom, and this new programme is my way of saying thanks to customers who continue to purchase boards.