Elliott Sound Products DF100M - Digital Flash Trigger 

The DF100 is a slave flash synchronisation unit that triggers the external strobe on the second flash from a digital camera. Should a "stray" flash or burst of light hit the photo sensor, it will automatically reset in approximately 700ms. This prevents the unit from remaining in an "invalid" state, which would allow it to trigger on the next flash it received (the camera pre-flash). When the DF100 resets itself, it will trigger the strobe - this is quite normal.

The output of the DF100 is three wires - common, external power (typically +6 to +12V) and a trigger lead. For many flash units, the power and trigger leads can simply be joined together, and no battery will be required. Standby current drain is extremely low, so even if a battery is used, a switch is not necessary.

The DF100M unit is a complete ready to use module, but is not supplied with any housing, connector or lead. Since there is so much variation with cameras, you must supply these items to complete the unit.

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