Elliott Sound Products Kapton Tape 

Kapton tape is sold by the metre, is 25um (0.001") thick and 25mm (1") wide. Used with heatsink compound, it will provide a low thermal resistance because it is so thin. There is no adhesive, and adhesive backed tapes are not recommended.

It is imperative that the highest standards of cleanliness are observed, as even a very small piece of metal will puncture the insulator. Overall however, the results will be much better than mica, since the thickness of the Kapton tape is well controlled.

The tape may be cut to the exact length required, and the holes made with a standard hole punch (must be very sharp, as Kapton is very tough!).

1 metre is sufficient for about 33 insulators for the TO3P style transistor cases. The tape is normally only available with other purchases, although exceptions may be made on an individual basis. E-mail ESP first to discuss your requirements if no other purchase is intended.

Order CodeKAP1
Size (mm)1,000 x 25 x 25um