Elliott Sound Products M27A - Guitar Power Amp Module 

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This is a slightly modified version of the P27A Power Amplifier Module. The power amplifier as described is not limited in any way to guitar use. In fact, its performance is as good or better than a great many hi-fi power amplifiers, including those at many times the price. It has excellent bandwidth, and a respectable slew rate (more than sufficient for the highest quality audio).

Note: This is a short-form kit - you need to supply some parts. The module is supplied as a complete, ready to use amplifier, requiring you to add only a heatsink, power supply, wiring and a case.

You get - a complete amplifier module, including insulating washers for power transistors (~200mm of Kapton Tape), transistor clamping bars, 3mm mounting screws and a spare pair of 5A fuses. A Project CD is automatically included with all M27A orders.

You need  - preamp (optional), heatsink, power supply, case, internal wiring and suitable connectors for input and output.

Order CodeM27A
Size (mm)115 x 65