Elliott Sound Products Project 05-Mini - Preamp Power Supply

This supply is a new version of the very first P05, and is just a dual supply, without the auxiliary supply. It's designed specifically to be a low-cost option. Of course when you buy the PCB you get all the construction details.  The supply can be operated from a single 15 or 16V AC plug-pack wall transformer, or a 15-0-15 V transformer for maximum flexibility. 12V (or other voltage) operation is possible, by using different voltage regulators (78/79 05, 12 or 15).

The noise performance is perfectly acceptable, but it doesn't equal that obtained from adjustable regulators. However, it does include additional filtering and high capacitance. It has sufficient power for any preamp, electronic crossover network or any other (preamp) project shown on The Audio Pages.

Order CodeP05-Mini
Size (mm)75 x 46