Elliott Sound Products Project 09 - L-R Crossover (Rev-B)

The PCB version is slightly changed from the project article to be as flexible as possible, this is a complete stereo 2-way (or mono 3-way) crossover, with preset pots for level adjustment and output buffer amplifiers.  To make a stereo 3-way unit, two boards are needed.  There are a number of options available during construction to make this crossover extremely versatile.

The board does not include an integral power supply.  Use P05 power supply board, or build your own.

The Revision B board includes provision for either balanced or unbalanced inputs, and allows the same resistor value to be used for all filters in all locations. This is a superb crossover, especially when built using premium opamps - so much so that there will be very few commercial units that will come close in performance or sound quality.

Order CodeP09
Size (mm)101 x 71