Elliott Sound Products Project 101 - 200W / 8 Ohm MOSFET Power Amplifier

The boards and circuit for this project are as published, and the supplied circuit and BOM provide all component values. This is an exemplary amplifier in all respects, with performance that is second to none. It is also a very easy amplifier to build. Only the power transistors require a heatsink - all drivers run very cool, even at the highest power levels.

The layout comprises one amplifier, fused on board. The board may be used for a low or high power version of the amp, and is designed to accept flat-pack MOSFETs mounted on the underside of the board for the simplest mounting possible.

This project is very popular. This is not an amplifier to be under-estimated, and is highly recommended for serious hi-fi.

Note that there was a temporary price drop on this board, which I have decided to retain. The Rev-A PCB had an error, but Rev-B is now shipping - still at the reduced price I introduced for the Rev-A board (these are now sold out).

Order CodeP101
Size (mm)130 x 63