Elliott Sound Products Project 110 - Infrared Remote Control Unit  

There are two parts to the remote, and each is available separately for maximum flexibility. Since many people use learning remotes, it may be found that the transmitter is not needed in many cases.

The transmitter is available in two versions - P110AS (Small switches) and P110AL (Large switches). This is a short-form kit, and is supplied with the following parts ...

The layout contains one transmitter, providing Volume-Up, Volume-Down and Mute functions. Uses 3V battery - 2 x 1.5 AA or AAA cells (not supplied). You will need to purchase the remaining commonly available components, and a suitable remote control housing.

The receiver board (P110B) is also a short form kit. The contents are listed below. All other parts are easy to obtain, and are fully described in the construction article.

Order CodeP110AS / P110AL
Size (mm)77 x 38
Order CodeP110B
Size (mm)63 x 31