Elliott Sound Products Project 137 - Powered PA System Amplifier 

This board set is for a complete powered PA speaker system, including preamp, a 200W mid-bass amp and a 50W compression horn driver amp. Unlike other ESP projects, this includes a power supply. These boards are not available individually - they can only be purchased as a complete set of 3 PCBs.

Please note that these PCBs are all double-sided with plated-through holes. Be careful during assembly, because rework will almost certainly damage the PCB unless you have experience with double-sided boards. The layout is identical to the description in the project article.

Preamp (top image)140 x 50 mm
Power Supply (middle image)     110 x 42 mm
Power Amp (bottom image)156 x 50 mm

Order CodeP137
Size (mm)See Text