Elliott Sound Products Project 36 - DoZ Class-A Amplifier
 Project 70 - DoZ Headphone Amplifier

The circuit for this amp is changed slightly from the original published project. High power TO3-P (flat pack) transistors can be used instead of TO-3 devices (the board is designed to allow a wide range of transistor and mounting options), and all components other than the output capacitor mount on the board (if flat-pack transistors are used). The PCBs available now are Revision-A, and incorporate suggested modifications on-board.

The same board is used to build the DoZ headphone amplifier (Project 70), and the order code is unchanged. The construction details include the standard DoZ and the headphone amplifier variation.

The layout comprises one amplifier per PCB, and these boards are sold only in pairs.

Order CodeP36 (2 boards)
Size (mm)76 x 51 (each PCB)