Elliott Sound Products Project 66 - Dual Low Noise Microphone Preamplifier

A simple and high performance mic preamplifier, based on Project 66. The PCB features two completely independent preamplifiers on a small PCB that can fit almost anywhere inside an equipment case or small mixer. Far better performance is available than with the majority of opamp based preamps, thanks to the use of a discrete front end.

Uses a +/-15V supply, or for portable use, can be battery operated (using 2 x 9V batteries). Low noise and current drain make this an excellent preamp for studio or field recording. The PCB is laid out so that the inputs and gain control connection points are widely separated to ensure low crosstalk.

Please note that this PCB is double-sided, with plated-through holes and a ground-plane.

Order CodeP66
Size (mm)65 x 65