Elliott Sound Products Project 68 - 300W Subwoofer Amplifier

A high powered amplifier, designed especially for subwoofers. The board contains one amplifier, and uses six flat-pack power transistors (such as MJL21193/4 or 2SC3856/ 2SA1492), all mounted underneath the board. The entire amplifier assembly is then mounted to a suitable heatsink using the six transistor mounting screws.

Using a +/-56V supply, the amplifier will easily provide over 300W into 4 ohms. This amp is designed for intermittent (i.e. subwoofer) duty only into 4 ohms - do not use it in single board form for continuous heavy duty (for example PA or disco).

As a 150W amp into 8 ohms it may be used safely for continuous operation.

NOTE: For heavy duty continuous operation into 4 Ohms, use two boards. The second board is a "cut" from the main board, an allows for an additional 4 output transistors (10 in all). The remainder of the board is discarded (hence the discount).

Note that this board does not have on-board fuses, and these must be provided externally. A heatsink is also required for the driver transistors - this can be fabricated from a piece of 1mm thick aluminium plate, full details are provided in the documentation section.

Order CodeP68 / P68-2 (Dual Board)
Size (mm)167 x 64 / 93 x 64