Elliott Sound Products Project 84 - 8 Band Constant Q Graphic EQ for Subwoofers

The layout for this circuit is unchanged from the published project design. It is a versatile Constant-Q equaliser, and can also be used anywhere that 8 bands of EQ is sufficient, including musical instrument amps or car sound systems.

The PCB comprises a complete 8 band constant Q equaliser, with provision for rotary pots to mount on the PCB. It uses 9mm square pots, either with or without mounting flanges. Requires either a 15V AC input at 100mA or more, or an external power supply (e.g. P05) giving ±15V at about 40mA.

Please Note: This is a double-sided PCB with plated-through holes. Rework of double sided boards can be difficult, because they are easily damaged if you make a mistake placing a part.

Order CodeP84 (Board is coded EQ8-001)
Size (mm)116 x 60