Elliott Sound Products Registered Mail & Insurance  

All international orders are sent air mail.  Overseas delivery is typically quoted as 5-10 working days, and experience has shown that around 14 days is normal.  Some orders arrive faster, and some slower.  Airline and postal security procedures can sometimes impose random delays.

The rates shown in the pricelist apply to parcels of up to 250g, which will cover most standard orders (typically up to 10 boards).  If you want to purchase larger than normal quantities, please advise me by e-mail so the proper rate can be determined. ESP reserves the right to make corrections to your order where postage or board price has been incorrectly indicated.

Qty / Destination †Postage Rate
Australia (any Qty)See Pricelist
Overseas,  1-8 boardsSee Pricelist
Overseas, > 10 boardse-mail ESP

Insurance is not included. For insured airmail or Registered Post (the latter in Australia only), see below. For anything else out of the ordinary, please contact ESP for the correct price.

Your package may be sent as registered mail (within Australia only), or insured (International only) The order codes are shown below.

Order CodeDescription
REGRegistered Mail to AU$100 (Australia only)
INS1Insurance up to AU$100 (Internalional only)
INS2Insurance up to AU$200 (Internalional only)
INS1Insurance up to AU$300 (Internalional only)

To reiterate - Registered Mail is available only within Australia, and insurance is available only for overseas. The fee must be paid along with postage and handling charges - insurance or registered mail is in addition to the standard international postal charges as shown in the pricelist (postage is currently free within Australia).

Note Carefully: If you choose not to take out insurance sufficient to cover the full cost of the order, my responsibility stops upon lodgement of the package at the Post Office. Should your package go missing (very rare, but it has happened), then the loss is yours. I will always endevour to track what happened on your behalf and recover your goods if possible, but this is usually quite difficult.

Although most people do not have a high opinion of the postal services, it is my experience that international mail is treated by Australia Post and the postal services of all major countries with the highest integrity.