Elliott Sound Products

ESP regrets that if you change your mind, returns are only available under some conditions. Should you wish to return one PCB in exchange for another of approximately equal value, then this is possible by paying the postage rate, less the difference in board cost. For example, to swap a purchased AU$20 board for a $26 board (and assuming a AU$12.00 post and handling rate), you would pay ...

26 - 20 + 12 = AU$18.00
To exchange a $26 PCB for one costing $20, you would pay ...
20 - 26 + 12 = AU$6.00
For more information (or a guaranteed fixed price), e-mail ESP with your request.

A full refund is not possible if you simply change your mind, as I have already incurred costs that cannot be reimbursed. Pack and post charges are not refundable, and the cost of the PCBs is reimbursed at [purchase price less AU$25] or [75% of the purchase price] (whichever is the greater). A $100 order (excl. postage costs) would get a $75 refund, whereas a $50 order would get only a $25.00 refund. A $25 order is subject to a refund value of $0 ($25-$25=$0)

I regret that these seemingly Draconian policies must be imposed, but it must be remembered that very few shops or stores will refund if you change your mind - I have tried to strike a balance between the costs that I must meet and providing you with some recompense.

NOTE: No order should be returned without an e-mail authorisation - you must e-mail ESP requesting a return, and I will send you an explanatory e-mail indicating the refund amount. Should you wish to proceed, I will accept the refund and credit the amount to your credit card or PayPal account (US$ transactions are subject to exchange rate variations, and will be calculated based on the current PayPal PCB price(s).