Elliott Sound Products

Boards are normally shipped in a padded postal bag via normal mail (Airmail for international orders), and this is at the rate shown in the pricelist. Where possible, orders are sent as 'large letter' in a padded bag. Customs forms are not required by Australia Post for the padded bags, and are not used unless the package has to be sent as a 'parcel' (anything that is bigger than a large letter).

Overseas orders are subject to postage and handling charges for airmail, and I have established a fixed postal charge based on experience (see the Price List for details and current rate).

All necessary construction details are available on-line. You will get access to the secure section of ESP's website with any purchase, and can print the documentation from there. This includes a full schematic, any modifications to the published version, circuit board overlay and a bill of materials.

If desired, a CD containing all project material available from the secure site can be obtained for a nominal cost with any order. This is provided free with any order over AU$100.00 (excluding GST or postage) CDs are not available by themselves, they may be purchased only in conjunction with PCBs. Secure site login details are provided only for PCB purchases.

There is no documentation available for the extension shaft, and if purchased by itself you do not get access to the construction pages.