Elliott Sound Products

All boards (and disks - see below) are checked before shipping, but it is possible that a defective board or disk may be supplied. The boards are warranted to be free from defects that would make them unusable for the intended use. Such boards will be replaced free of charge or a refund given upon receipt of the defective board(s). Warranty replacement cannot be made after construction has commenced, and board damage sustained during or after construction is not covered.

Minor flaws may be encountered on some boards that in no way affect the operation of the final circuit. These include holes that may be slightly off-centre from the pads, minor track variations or flaws in the component side overlay. These flaws (should they exist) will not impair the operation of the circuit, and boards will not be replaced under this warranty if such flaws are discovered unless the flaw is of such magnitude as to make completion of the project difficult or impossible. Some PCBs may have known flaws, and the construction article will explain how to build the board to fix the error.

All PCBs are known to be fully functional, and will perform as described if built according to instructions. Should it happen that you (or a person constructing the project on your behalf) are incapable of assembling the board properly, this is not cause for a warranty return and/or refund and refusal is assured. ESP will assist you to find the fault(s) where possible, but this is dependent upon you providing accurate data about the fault condition. In some cases, customers have returned PCBs for repair, and if this is requested your cost is for return postage and any parts needed. This option should be a last resort - DIY is mostly about learning, and you learn little or nothing this way.

The supplied (or purchased) disk is warranted to be readable, and the only warranty on the disks applies to the inability of a CD reader to access the data. Although all files are believed to be virus free, this cannot be guaranteed, and the user is advised to scan the disk before use. No claim for loss or damage (howsoever caused) in relation to the supplied disk, software or other material is accepted by ESP, nor is any such warranty given or implied in relation to such material.

The only warranty is as described above, and covers defective boards (and/or CD ROM disks as may be supplied either free or at quoted cost to the purchaser). It is the buyer's responsibility to determine the suitability of any project PCB for their needs. By continuing with a purchase, the buyer explicitly accepts that no refunds will be given should the project prove to be unsuitable for any reason, or is too complex for the purchaser to assemble.

If you believe that you have received low quality goods, poor service, or if you have any complaint, please contact ESP immediately. It is ESP's policy to resolve disputes quickly and fairly. If you feel that ESP's response or handling of your complaint is not up to your expectations, then ESP suggests that you contact the NSW Department of Fair Trading, and they will either mediate the dispute, or suggest alternative methods of resolution. Customer satisfaction is ESP's #1 priority.

If you have not read the ESP disclaimer please do so now - this is important.